вторник, 13 декабря 2011 г.

When there are no friends around...

Sometimes I feel like there is noone around me, and I'm feeling so lonely inside, seems pain is killing my heart. My pain has always been deep and I'm used to feel it 100%. What I am trying to deal with is actually easing it by about 50%, so it wouldn't hurt so bad...
If you feel lonely and betrayed, if you feel left by someone you used to trust and who you cared about the most, than remember you are not alone.
I am feeling broken inside, but I remember about someone who might read this small message, and probably need to know that he or she is not alone. Doesn't mean we should sit and cry together, although we don't need to wear a mask anymore, we are what we are, we are not what someone expects us to be. We can give love and give it 100%, we can cry without being laughed at, we can think about serious things without being misunderstood, we can be loved without conditions and understood without trying to explain.
I can give you a good advise right now: don't look around, look into the world, there are so many broken and lonely souls like yours, like mine...
If you do your best to help people, and they just don't see it, don't give up. Something good you have sent is going to get back to you.
And remember, I love you, world is not a small place to find a warm heart,

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