четверг, 29 августа 2013 г.

Message for the desperate

If you ever feel down or lonely, remember I am with you! How many times did we want to hear these words? How many times we were laying in our bed crying out loud for love and how many times we found ourselves disappointed in relationships, life, people? All that causes your pain will go away only if you realize, that you can control your mind! That's why I created this blog, that's why I created my channel. Most of the time the way we feel is not connected with our past, it is not connected with out future, it is only about what we feel about our life now? Do we hate it? Same boring stuff every day? Same hurt and same loneliness? Even a single thought of being alone hurts? I get you there, I can totaly feel you. I know how it is when you feel like you don't belong, and I know how it feels when you feel desparate. If you are here now, reading this message, maybe feeling inspired, take responsibility already now. You can do it! Every time I see that noone ever reads my blog, I get disappointed, than the other day, I come online, and I think, that maybe today is the day, that I will post something that will matter, that will make a difference, that would count. I want to help you out there, no matter what you are going through, I hope these words come to your heart, and you'll respond.
I am not here to heal myself, I am here to help you to heal yourself, I am here for you!

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