воскресенье, 22 сентября 2013 г.

5 Things I learnt this week

Dear all, 
Here is a new type of posts that I am planning to make regularly, hope you enjoy! p.s. hope I will come up with some pics and more interesting stuff for you!
5 Things I learnt this week:
  1. You came to this world to be happy, and there is nothing wrong in feeling good and enjoy life;
  2. It's imprtant to enjoy small things, these are what life consists of. This week I am all about Pinterest:); 
  3. It's ok to be an introvert, it's important to know yourself and accept yourself as you are no matter what people say;
  4. It's possible to look amazing when you are mature, it's great to be inspired by someone who does;
  5. Make-up brings up my mood (not that I didn't know, but still:). 

Think of 5 things that you have learnt during this week, that probably changed you attitude toward life a little bit. 
Have a great week, 
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