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Fall therapy

Hi, friends, this blog is going to be for girls (sorry, guys), as it contains only girly things that might help with fall sad moods, if it ever happens to you. Here are few picks that bring me some joy this autumn. If you ever wondering, this season here, in Saint-Peresburg, can be pretty gloomy, if you look at it from the wrong perspective. The best I can suggest if you don't seem to like fall is to try to find small things you love and enjoy them. 
So, let's start:
1. Change your home decor into some beautiful "fall" style. I only started with it, if to say that I had to work with all I already had by hand. I just redecorated some things and must say I enjoyed the process a lot. Here are some results of my creativity run. 

This is the shelf that is hanging above my table (aka my working space), a basically just added flowers and a candle which kindda have those fall colours that provide the right feel to my space. I really love this bouquet with dry flowers, that sort of completes the composition. I got it in Ikea in case you are wondering. That amazing purple candle I also got in Ikea, I put it on the flower box that used to be a present box (there was a scarf), it proves you can use anything you want when it's is about decorating your place:) The small pink basket was full of real flowers one day, now I just out some decorative balls from Ikea in there. 
The weird kind of "dry plant" on another shelf is from Ikea (yes, I am an Ikea fan:), and it seems to me that it is fall appropriate. 

2. Play with those looks for fall. There are so many tutorials on YouTube and just information in general, that it can keep you busy for days:) I personally don't like to go overboard with it, as I still have some other stuff to do, but it is fun to try out something new for fall. 
This look below I had last fall, it is simple but, I guess, still cute, and I absolutely love this scarf (H&M). Looking good and feeling good just go hand in hand in my opinion. You can be a bright ray of light in the gloomy day:)

3. Change the scent. Seasonal changes are all about small changes in your life, so don't be afraid to experiment with the scents as well. This fall my pick is Boss Jour from BOSS. What I love about it the most is the bottle, it is simple, yet so refreshing to look it. I took 30 ml, so I can easily throw it in my purse and enjoy it all day. Wow, I even used some now for more inspiration:) It's amazing how such a small thing can make someone's day. Girls will get me;)

4. I guess, last but not the least is: notice small beauties around you, and smile to them, breath them in and let them make you happy, not sad. There is a change in weather, in your wardrobe, but most importantly in your heart. May those changes be naturally beautiful. 
Until next posts,
Happy fall and remember, I care,

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