суббота, 19 февраля 2011 г.

Be confident!

Hi, guys, today is a beautiful morning and I would like to tell you a little bit about self confidence. There is actually no better way to overcome neurosis than starting to love yourself. I guess it is my personal opinion and opinion of many many others. Many people who have neurosis suffer from lack of self confidence, and probably the reason of neurosis is this lack. So before you start asking yourself why you have neurosis, why you suffer from fears and panic attacks, you should ask yourself the main question: do I love myself? And if the answer is no, than you found your weak spot. Sometimes it is hard to answer this question so easily yes or no, than your reactions to different words or situations should be the answer. If you get really sad when someone comments about you or judges yours life or things you do or say, when it takes you hours to make decisions, when you hold back tears if something you do doesn't work out, when you are afraid to say no and afraid to make others mad or sad, than you probably have lack of self confidence. I am not even talking about things like looking in the mirror and thinking you are ugly or something like this. Usually people who think this way can say they don't love themselves pretty easily. So let me tell you guys, no matter how you feel about yourself, no matter how much you think you are stupid, ugly or just not worthy person, it is all produced by your brain and is not the reality. I know, it sounds weird, but as long as you close your mind from receiving some new information, it does!
The way you think about yourself can't be built for one day or month, not even a year, it comes from your childhood or past. Maybe your mom or someone who is really close to you always told you you were ugly or stupid. Maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend kept saying you were not good enough for them for years. Or even combination or those two may be the reason of your bad thoughts about yourself. When everything around tells you you are not good, you start to believe in it, and this is normal. But wait a second, do actually these people care about you? Do they really think this way or they just want to say something mean? Do they even love themselves or they just look for someone to put their anger on so they wouldn't think how bad they think of themselves? Ask yourself these and many other questions before you realize it's time to change your life, time to change your attitude to yourself.
1. A simple start is just repeating yourself: I love myself. Even if you don't believe in this right now, even if you think it's stupid or weird, try to say it to yourself, and pretty soon you will see the difference.
2. Say thanks to yourself for what you are, say thanks to God or universe, whatever you believe in for your life, for creating you the way you are.
3. Reward yourself: buy yourself a chocolate bar or make up (for girls) or anything what can make you smile for a moment to reward you for the work you've done or results you made in any prospect of your life.
This message is getting too long, but I will talk more about self confidence as we go. Remember: gaining peace is never a goal, it is a life style that you choose for yourself. We can make it together.
With love, Anya

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