воскресенье, 20 февраля 2011 г.

Those who judge will be judged first!

There are often people in life who don't support us in what we do, who judge us for every single word we say or do, who tell stuff behind our backs and laugh at us. No matter how much we tell ourselves we don't care about these people or we hate them or whatever, we end up crying in our rooms, thinking if we really are what they want us to believe we are and why they are so mean to us. Their opinion matters even if we say it doesn't.
I want you, guys, know that we're all going through the same over and over again, each one of us has haters even if we are the nicest people in the world. By the way, sometimes the nicer you are the more haters you have:)
What I want to tell you is be you, don't secondguess yourself cos someone said your dreams are stupid or ideas are wrong. Stay true to yourself cos noone else in the world knows what you need to be happy, what makes you smile and more than this: THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT IT! And I'm not talking here about family and friends' advice to you, but about haters that have always bad thoughts and words about you no matter what you say or do.
Care about youself, love yourself in a way noone can or will. If you feel like noone loves you than please know: you are not alone. As I said, every single person has someone who at least once critisized him, and believe it or not, you will survive through this. Someday you'll look back and see that all those people were not worthy or your worries and tears.
Lots of love, Anya

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