понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

Happy? Valentine's day!

How many of us felt sad on Valentine's day? Day of love and romance, candles and kisses...Oh, I am afraid too many! I am one of them. It always seems to me that this day should be the most romantic and joyful day of the year. Then it comes, and suddenly all I am feeling is emptiness and sadness in my once again broken heart.
To wait or not to wait? Maybe the best way to keep yourself from heart breakage is actually not to expect anything special from this day. Sometimes we expect and dream to much, so when it doesn't happen our way, we are disappointed. So better just wake up, do things you normally do, forget about the date.
Send love to the world. Be kind to everyone else around you, send a smile or a peace of love who might feel lonely and sad this day as well, there is nothing better than seeing someone smile because of your joke, compliment or just warm words.
Send love to yourself. No matter how lonely you are feeling today, send yourself some love, buy yourself a heart shaped candy, light the candles and sit with your favourite book with a cup of hot chocolate and just say to yourself: I love you.
There are many people who feel same way as you do, drinking their chocolate right now. Someday some of you will meet and share it with each other. But right now, enjoy the moment, life is too short to waste it on sorrows.
With love,
hopefully you friend

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