воскресенье, 13 февраля 2011 г.

You can change

As I said already, I have a neurosis, and I have created this blog to help someone like me to deal with this disease. I have read many books, went to phycologist, tried yoga and meditation and still on the way to my goal: peace in my heart.
In this message I would like to give you few recommendations based on my own my experience, which helped me and, I hope, will help you if you decide to use them:
1. Accept your emmotions. It can be anger, jealousy, sadness, etc. that you are feeling. No matter it is: ACCEPT IT! This is YOUR feelings, you need them to know and understand yourself. Do not try to hide away from them and don't be ashamed of them. Put them on the light of your mind, see them, feel them, thank them, and ...let them go.
2. Analise your emmotions. Each time you have fear or panic attack, try to concentrate on a question: why am I feeling this way? Do it without any judging. If you don't have the answer now, do not be upset and don't push. Say to yourself: I will have the answer tomorrow. Create a special place in your mind for plans like this: to think about this problem tomorrow.
3. Always remember, that these emmotions are not meant to tell you what to say or what to do, they only show your reaction to someone's words or actions. You are in charge of your own actions, not your emmotions, not your feelings.
4. Be patient with yourself, do not push, do not let go. Love yourself and your feelings and emmotions. Like this they will stop fighting against you. They will become your friends.
I will write more as I write this blog.
Sometimes we feel like nothing is going to work out, but believe me, all you need to do is keep going. Please do not stop working on this. No matter what you feel, keep your mind focused, speak to yourself. I am sure, it will work, but only if you are patient.

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