суббота, 2 апреля 2011 г.

Nobody wants to be a fool!

Yesterday was a fool's day. How many of you have been fooled that day? I bet many. I think that some of us were hurt or felt absolutely stupid, especially when someone is constantly laughed at. It's a good day for mean people to boost their creativity and spread out even more evil than they do on a daily basis. Oh, well, what to do then? To get sick and provide yourself with a good alibi not to leave a house? There are some tips for those who is waiting for the 1st of april with fear:
1. Learn to laugh at yourself. I know, there can be really evil jokes, when it's really impossible to laugh, it's even hard not to cry. But there are also some jokes we take too seriously and can't get over for a long long time. It's important to find some sense of humor inside of yourself and be able to laugh at yourself just as you would laugh at someone else. Many times your frustration is something others wait from you, they don't expect you to laugh when they make a mean joke.
2. Learn to forget. If you became a victim of a really mean joke and it was just impossible to laugh at the moment, you even started crying in from of everyone, don't concentrate on this. Learn to forget. Don't blame yourself and don't fall into deep depression, in 10 years from now you won't even remember those people. Don't let people brake you, and don't feel they did just because you cried in front of them. Find people who love you, talk to them, or simply do something you like to do. Just make yourself forget about that moment, don't rewind it in your memory all over again.
3. Built a character. No matter what happend, it will make you stronger. Try to be confident in yourself, because when you are, you can laugh at yourself, you can easily forget and you will recover from this day really fast. No matter what people say, remember that you are beautiful, that you are smart, that you are special and repeat it to yourself every single day. Don't waste your time on keeping anger on others and pity to yourself, you don't need it. Make a change if you can, if you can change school or place of work, go ahead and do it. There are people that would never change, they just need to bring others down in order to feel confident, and you better stay away from them if you can. Don't think it's your fault ever, it's only their fault they act this way. Believe me, you'll meet people in you life that will adore you for who you are. So if you can make a step to get closer to them, do it!
I hope this helps a bit,
Take care and remember,
I LOVE YOU! Happy fool's day!!!

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