воскресенье, 8 мая 2011 г.

Don't get discouraged!

Hmm...it's been a while since I wrote my last message. I don't know what happened, I feel like I should really have something to say in order to write a blog, and I guess I didn't all this time. How many times did you feel discouraged by something? No matter how much you try, it seems people do not appreciate it. Even if you did something with an open heart you can still expect some appreciation, right? And this is fine. I do want to encourage you not to give up doing good things in life, whether this is a house cleaning or saving someone's life, remember you make a difference in this world as long as you want people around you to be happy. It may seem they don't see things you do, or just that they don't care, but believe me, this positive energy counts! I feel sometimes I can't go on, that I will give up and cry all day long because noone loves me and noone appreciates things I do, but suddenly I realize, that I mostly do this for myself, I need this positive energy to surround me and my life, only this way I can be happy, and only this way I can be free. Remember, you are not alone in your thoughts, please do not feel lonely, this Internet community is not only an evil community but it's also the community of love. And I love you, guys! I'm writing this blog hoping that someday at least one heart will find rest reading my messages...
Always hoping for the best, Anya

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