воскресенье, 18 сентября 2011 г.

Simply happy

Hey, guys, i uploaded a video on youtube on the topic of "Bamboo" some time ago, but im excited to write about it only now. I had a crazy buzy week, and at the end of the week went shopping just to relax. I am a huge shopper, am telling you, guys, used to shop like every single day and got frustrated when didn't manage to find anything. So then I thought to get rid of all stuff I didn't need in my room, and keep it nice and clean no matter what, so my mind would stay nice and clean no matter what as well:) Believe it or not those things are connected. When you have a mess in your room, it's hard to concentrate and hard to relax, hard to breath deeply and hard to feel free. I heard this before and now know it from my own experience. So I decided I'd limit my shopping time and try to limit stuff that I get. Why I thought to do that? Because I want to be free, but when you are attached to much to the things you have, you kind of not completely free, at least it feels this way to me...
So...after a long shopping break I went shopping, believe it or not I got so excited about the things I saw, wow, i thought, I'd like to have this and that:) But after thinking a while and going back to basics, to something I told you about in my video, I started to think: do I really need this? Or this is only something that I wanna have now because I like it now? I don't need new clothes because I got so much clothes left from my previous hauls:) And now I see and get excited about something a lil different from what I already have...Girls, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with looking great, shopping can be fun, but there is something bad with obsession, with addiction to things, with unlimited love to material things...Sometimes we are so concentrated on how we look, that we actually forget how we are inside, or sometimes we are so overwhelmed with beautiful clothes, cars, houses that we don't notice beautiful sun, trees and flowers around us - something that we get for free, something more amazing than anything in this world...No matter what you do in life, don't forget about simple things, keep life simple, keep your heart and your thoughts simple, and you'll see how great it feels just to be simply happy!
Much love,
p.s. I came back home with a simple black cardigan I wanted to have for a long time:) YAY!

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