суббота, 24 сентября 2011 г.

Learn to win, and learn to lose

Hey everyone, today just felt like writting about my lose in the contest a famous guru one youtube was recently holding (for those who know, this person was Kandee Johnson and the main prise was a huge make up set:)). So all you needed to do is to come to her blog every day and write comments about why you like her videos, what was the first video of her you saw and so on. So I came there every day, like 3 times a day to write a comment. One of the rules was not to repeat yourself, always write a new comment. So it seemed to me I have put all my heart in it, I wrote about how her videos changed my life, how thankful I am to her for all and so on. There is no doubt I wrote everything I felt not just to win the prise but to share my appreciation to the person I respect, but still the willing to win was pretty huge in my heart:) I am not even telling that I'm currently having a huge huge project at work and I get so tired, so I could hardly write all those comments...
Well, imagine my feelings after all, when she announced the winner...Of course it wasn't me:) I was trying to find that winner's comments in order to see what she did what I didn't do. I felt it was unfair and almost wanted to cry, not so much because of the make up I didn't get but because I won't get anything from the person that I really love and appreciate:) A little something from someone who has changed a huge part of my life, someone I will probably never ever see in my real life...
I realize how stupid it is to get sad over something you didn't win, but I did...This morning I woke, and now I have a completely new way of thinking about it...One of the winners is a girl who has cancer, which obviously deserves the prise more than I do, other girls wanted this not less than I did, and I can't imagine even how happy they are to win right now. I was thinking about it, and my heart started to change, because no matter who wins, someone is going to be happy and it's the best that can happen. This is my prise: to know that someone is happy right now! I didn't win and I am like a child who didn't get what he wanted, my normal feed back is to cry out loud in order to recieve what I want. But I am not a child anymore, I am the person who can think of someone other than myself, and that's what I am trying to do...
We have to learn to lose same as to win, as when we lose something we were fighting for we actually win something we didn't even think of: being happy for someone's win!
I know, sometimes there is more than just a make up set, every situation is different, but I am writting here not about the rules for every situation, but for the situation where they can be applied.
Have a great day, guys,
Always yours,

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