понедельник, 26 декабря 2011 г.

Changing life for the best!

Hey, everyone, today's blog is about making changes. I will try to make a video before the New Year's eve, telling you about little board I make as a resolution for the New Year. I was pretty excited to make it last year, and believe it or not most of the things I wrote there became real in 2011. It's really important for me to set goals. I noticed that when I say that my goal is, for example, to become happier the next year, I do everything to change my perception (check out my video about perception below) of things. And every time I feel broken and like I can't make it, I tell myself: this is my goal, I CAN do this, CAN change my perception, CAN change my reactions, CAN change negative into positive. And I am trying to do it.
So, what shall we do? Get drunk forgetting about all the bad things we had in 2011, hoping for the better? NO! We obviously know how to act, and we are going to try our lives in order to be happy! We came to this world not to just hope for the better, we came here to realize the truth, and the truth is that we are strong enough to make our dreams come true, we are strong enough to overcome our depression, we are strong to forgive and forget, and we are actually strong enough to be happy.
Let's make our resolution for the next year together. We all have different dreams, goals and plans, but we all have something in common. I am happy that we do, because we can work on achiving this together.
Love you all very much,

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