суббота, 21 апреля 2012 г.

Walking alone...again:)

I tend to love walking alone as it clears out my mind and just helps me stay focused on my goals. For me it's important to face my problems, not running away or hiding from them. So than I take a walk and think about things that might bother me or make me unhappy at present. It helps me to get to know myself better, realize what I did wrong, what right, and keep going with the goals I have set.

It can be hard sometimes just to stay with yourself and try to spend time alone, but as long as you're trying, it works out better better. And the reason why it's also important is that it helps you to get rid of fear of loneliness. I can honestly say, it used to be hard for me to be alone for like a day, but now I can do it and have peace with it. My thoughts are not killing me, but hopefully making be a better person.

Lots of love,

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  1. I am a often visitor of your blog as well. It makes me happy that we have the opportunity to follow along with each others journeys!