вторник, 1 мая 2012 г.

Few words about friendship

I never had many many friends in my life, it's always been a chellenge for me to trust and forgive people, but I have few people around that I really appreciate in my life, and that's why I thought to talk and blog about it. It's not about quantity but quality I believe, in everything, including friends. We might not have many friends but people that we have around can be enough to bring joy and happiness in our lives, filling it with purpose.
But it can be hard to be a good friend and also not to be hurt by other people we are friends with, as we care about their opinion and thoughts about us.
Like yesterday I was watching a video of one girl I absolutely adore and she said amazing words: that we have to forgive doesn't always mean people deserve to be forgiven, but we deserve to forgive. And it's so true. When we forgive and let it go, we start to feel in such a different way, we find peace and become happier.
So I tried to think about the most important things in friendship and here they are in my opinion:
1. Trust and forgiveness;
2. Listening;
3. Not judging yourself but always trying to understand the other person. 
The last can go on and on, of course,

Lots of love,

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