среда, 9 мая 2012 г.

Don't be afraid of tomorrow!

How many times in life we didn't want tomorrow to come? We were afraid of unpredictable things to happen during some special event that have a power to ruin our day or even life as we see it. 
We struggle with our fear of the future and don't wanna do things to change something already now because we are afraid of changes. We don't know what these changes may lead to and it scares us. 
Always living in fear we miss the opportunities for happier life. Always waiting for the miracle to happen we miss opportunities as well, as we are passive in making an effort, we are passive in making a change. 
I keep repeating it every time I get a word: you have a power to change the way you're thinking about things! 
It's ok to fear and it's ok to be afraid, but should it stop us? NO! Every single day we choose to change something in our mentality of thinking in spite of fear, every single day we choose to do something that is important for us is spite of fear. 
Fear does not change anything, it's just an emmotion, all you can do is to say: yes, I am scared, I am afraid of tomorrow, but I will keep going, I won't stay in my bed just because I am afraid to fall. 
I remember when I was learning to drive, my fear was beyond my knowledge, my body was all in tension, legs were shaking, am not even kidding, I was terrified! The more I made myself driving (and it was a torture for me, seriously) the stronger I became, my fear was slowly vanishing and now I am ok with driving, at least when I think of driving to groceries my heart doesn't start racing like a crazy:)
Believe it or not, you have an ability to change your reactions to situations, your way of thinking, but you have to be patient with yourself rather than blaming yourself for being afraid. 
Think of tomorrow as one more opportunity to win!

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