понедельник, 18 июня 2012 г.

Hey, guys, I made a new video about bullying, why? Hmmm, I guess because this topic really bothers me and I talk mostly about something that bothers me or when I want to help people out. On my blog I write about things I love as well.
I guess now I am a weirdo than ever before as I do not have to many friends and it is hard for me to trust people and communicate at times, and this is just for those who feel like they are weird or different: you are who you are, and this is amazing. I was just an average person at school but I still was bullied by one crazy guy that used to make fun of my look, my face, my everything. I know it's hard to deal with it. I've just watched youtube videos about bullying and one more time realized how much it can affect other people, mostly teenagers, who even commit suicide cos of that.
It won't be the news for anyone of you to know that people who were once bullied became successful, strong and happy in their lives. It might not help now as you struggle with that pain just right now.
So I can say: talk to someone about it. It can be your parents, your siblings, friends or just random people like me online:) I really want to help at least some of you, so please don't think I don't care. It's not even just about people who know something about bullying, it's just about finding people you can trust and who really care about you. They can help you go through this.
And don't forget about confidence, try to keep it inside no matter what. Remember you are a special person and you CAN have a great future. This time will pass by, I promise you! This pain is not gonna last forever, but it will be healed with time.
If you can do something about the situation, do it now! Change a school if you can, find new friends, search for people who struggle just like you here online and communicate with them, that will help you feel you are not alone. You will be amazed when you find out how your problem can be used for doing great things. Stay strong and you will be able to help others as well.
Lots of love,

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