понедельник, 22 апреля 2013 г.

My trip to Istanbul, Turkey

I wanted to blog about my trip to Istanbul for a while now, because I went there in March. But I still couldn't put myself together, I even talked about it in my video and made a photo album on youtube, but my wish to blog about it still stayed in my heart, so here I am:) Before the trip I actually had a huge fear and didn't wanna go at all, like it happens to a person who barely ever gets out the house and has some sort of a panic attack when it comes to stepping out of his comfort zone. But I managed to put myself together and went. I have this ability to do things I am very very scared to do, because I have a strong willing in myself to be a normal person, not the one who will get locked in the house for the rest of his life...So I make myself do things! Yes, this would be cool if everything was easy, and I just had wanted to go, but well...It is what it is. When you're dealing with some kind of these problems: panic attacks, neurosis, etc. you should realize that you gotta work with what you have and, even though, it may not be easy and comfortable as it is for some other people, you can still manage to do things. At the end of the day you build up confidence, collect memories and just get to enjoy life in way you can enjoy. Do not compare yourself with anyone else but you, as you can only be better than you are, not that you can be like someone else.
The trip turned into a nice experience and all the images and everything you can find on my youtube channel. I just wanted to encourage you to act, to do things even if you are afraid or don't want to, but you need to do in order maybe to get a better future. Just get out your comfort zone and you'll see how big diiference it may bring into your life! If your situation is way more serious than mine, go to a specialist, talk to someone who can help, it is also doing something, and it is something you can be proud of.
I love you and always willing to help,
your Anya

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