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How to feel better when sick, physically and mentally

Fall brings many positive and negative moments into our lives. It happens, that in the cities like mine, fall is really gloomy and at times sad season as I mentioned in my previous post. It can bring some negative emotions, most of them are connected with our physical changes: weather changes, sun does not almost come up, days become colder which lead to lack of vitamins, immune system weakening (which leads to coldness), endorphins are on a lower level than in summer (they are responsible for our feeling of well-being). Forgive my unprofesional description, but you get the point;) 
So it can happen you are left with the coldness and in your bad with a really bad mood, what to do then? 
I guess when this happened to me before, it led to depression as well and made me feel really lonely as I did not have like people to take care about me. And I for sure thought I needed to be taken care of, as I AM sick, sounds familiar? 
1. Don't feel sorry for yourself, it's just a cold, you will get better and get back to normal life faster than you think, so make yourself comfortable with making some ginger tea and watching a good movie in your beloved bed, which is also your closest friend right now:)
I simply use a ginger tea bag, which I always keep at home for times of need, lemon and some honey. You can use only lemon and honey with any other tea, or you can use a fresh ginger as well - up to you, you just need to drink more warm liquids. Create a cozy atmosphere by simply lighting up the candles. 

2. Remember weather changes don't necessarily need to make you the unhappiest person in the world. The more you realize, that your mood changes are connected with the weather to a certain extent, the more you know how to take it easier and how to help yourself overcome depression or just a simple bad mood.
3. If you don't have a cold, you can do some sports which encreases endorphines level but that's and blog post I guess:)
4. Wether feeling sick physically or not, keep it positive, by talking to yourself and giving yourself love, fuel yourself with some positive thoughts. 

Hope this is helpful, 
I hope you get better very very soon, 
Love you,

p.s. I also have a video about fall depression, so go ahead and check it out!

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