четверг, 7 мая 2015 г.

Not mental health favorites (April 2015)

So, I guess it's time for my "not mental health favorites" for the month of april. 

I really do enjoy to try out different scents, but there is no doubt for me that I always prefer kindda the same scented perfumes. It just has to be a little citrusy and fresh. Roberto Cavalli "Paradiso" is one of my current favorites. I was using it for the whole month of april and looking forward for more months to come:) It's totally appropriate for spring, in my opinion, and, again, scents I love are some sort of therapeutic for me. And, come on, let's just a moment to look at this bottle! Ain't it gorgeous?!?
Roberto Cavalli "Paradiso" perfume

The area around my eyes got absolutely dry, so I needed to buy me some eye cream. I've been eyeing on Lancome "Genifique Yeux" for a while now, and all of the sudden decided I'd give it a try. I must say it's early to speak about the results, but I must say the texture of this product is awesome: this cream is light and is absorbed really quickly, which I do appreciate in all the skin creams and lotions that I use. As of my eyes, my skin around them is not dry anymore, which I can connect with the magical action of this cream or just say it's a coincidence. I really do not know!:)
Lancome "Genifique Yeux" eye cream
Remember, at the end of the day it's not about the products itself but how you use them. Whether you take time to enjoy the scent and texture or you just throw them on your body or face, thinking it's a must - the experience of using products depends on you!


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