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WTTD - Self-talk helps

I still keep on going with my "Way To Transformation" blog, just stopped counting the days:) The reason for it is obvious: I do not blog or make videos every day, which makes it harder to count:) I still could, but since my last post from this series was like 2 months ago, it seems to be pointless.

Nevertheless, I would like to share my experience with self-talk as it deffinitely will play a huge role in my transformation and I can already sense that. 

I think self-talk never really worked for me because to see it work, in my opinion, I should trust myself, believe my own words. Many people who struggle with mental health issues have low self-esteem. I am not an exception. I always had lack of confidence due to my past experiences. So to feel my self-worth I needed others' approval of everything I was doing. And when I didn't get it, I started to feel extremely anxious and empty inside. When I received it, it filled the hole in my heart for a while, that I could never fill in myself. 

Not long ago I got very anxious, to the point where it's: do something or give up... So I started to talk to myself in my head, saying that everything is going to be fine, that I am good enough, etc. I tried to speak (think) really fast: thought by thought, so there was no room for negativity. When there was one negative thought popping up, I repeated positive affirmations again and again until I started to notice that it was helping me. 

Through all these years there were moments I felt I was not making any progress. But that moment actually opened my eyes to something that I didn't see before: I developed that trust in myself to the point I could help myself overcome my anxiety. Of course it's far from perfect, but the more I practice, the more I realize it works. 

Just keep repeating positive affirmations to yourself even if you don't believe it at first. You will believe eventually, when you realize that the only person who has a power to hurt you or make you feel better is you.

I hope this helps, 

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