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How to deal with loneliness

Hey, guys, today's topic is how to deal with loneliness. Most of you, guys, felt lonely or rejected at least one time in life, although I believe that you're lucky if it happened to you only once and than you don't need to read this article:) Anyway, everyone knows this feeling, when you're just laying on your bed crying and it seems that you are alone in the whole world, noone cares about you, noone loves you, noone is gonna call and ask you how you are...Yeah, sad story! Let me tell you, everyone is dealing with the same lady called LONELINESS, which comes when she wants, without any invitation, without any call and starts to dig inside of you heart trying to get all your tears out. Unfortunetely there is no way to get rid of this nice lady fast and easy, cos she is feeling pretty comfy in your house. But what you can do is make friendship with the lady, so eventually she will have to find someone else to dig into.
So here are some tips how to deal with the lady Loneliness:
1. Accept her. Don't try to fight with your feelings, always making an effort to run away from house, call someone or just being constantly busy. It's not going to help for a long time. Eventually you'll have to face her and there's no way you're going to like it. Try to accept you're feeling lonely today, say hello to the lady and have a conversation with her like: hey, what happened that you came? Is there anything wrong? What can I do to help you? It may sound stupid, but actually having the answers to these questions will make a huge difference.
2. Find something you love to do alone. After having a conversation with the lady, probably crying for a while, you can stand up and try to do something you enjoy doing while the lady is sitting on your bed. Become your own friend and try to enjoy the moments you're spending with yourself. It can be cooking, doing make up and going to a movie, writting a song or just watching tv - anything you like to do. It shouldn't be like running away from yourself, it should be like embracing your world and loving it. Have these specialy times alone constantly, like once or twice a week. Be present, don't think about your friends and family, concentrate on your own feelings, on your own self.
3. Write a diary. Sometimes when it seems that noone is around you, it's important to write about your feelings. Diary can be a good friend of yours, a friend you can trust and tell anything you feel. It's also useful

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