вторник, 15 марта 2011 г.

Why does birthday make us sad?

I look deep inside of me and often have tears on my eyes. My birthdays were never perfect. My mom used to leave me alone when I was a kid, so I could just sit all day long by myself, not knowing what to do. It was never a special day. I guess when this day comes every year I feel kind of stressed out. I don't expect anything good from my birthday, more than that I'm just prepared for something bad. If you feel kind of same way let me tell you something.
Unfortunately we can't change our past, but we definately can change our perception of our birthday.
If there are people now around you that want to make this day special for you, then let them, don't push them away as they are your past, accept them as your happy future.
If there are no people around you now that seem to care, then see it for yourself:
You can make yourself a special birthday, like make a dinner for yourself, watch a nice movie, buy yourself a present.
Or if you wanna be more social and you are not, then you can constantly improve your relationships with other people: throw them b'day parties, be caring and loving for them, eventually it will pay off.
It's just important to be you and do what you wanna do. Remember, that everyone has gotten a past that he would like to forget, but you were born for a reason, and this reason is to be happy: right here, right now! Just please don't let memories and bad feelings bring you down.
Much love, and if you are reading this article having a b'day, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear friend, I wish you a lot of happiness, you are special and beautiful and it's amazing you were born!!!
Your friend, Anya

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