вторник, 28 июня 2011 г.

Long message about our role in this world...

Hey, guys, I can feel it's getting harder to live in this world, because every single day we recieve these crazy news about terrorism, kills and fights. The problem also arises as we get so much information about this all, and most of the time this information consists so much lie, you can't even imagine, but we still read, cry and believe. Of course the fact of tsunami in Japan is real, but most of the times people use photos, videos etc. just to get our attention and keep us scared. I remember after terract in Moscow underground I couldn't sleep all night, I was reading every single post and felt like I was never gonna use metro to go anywhere...I know, we can't wear pink glasses and not notice everything what's going on around us, but we have to be wise, we should not get into depression, we should act.
So what, in my opinion, we should do?
1. Don't read too many posts as most of them are lie. Some of you would say: you are just naive and want to wear pink glasses by telling it's all lie, but believe it or not some people use bad news to get us discouraged, to get us sad and mad, to make it work for some special reason.
2. Don't close your eyes on problems of the world. Some people may wanna say: this is not about me, it's not my problem, I don't wanna be bothered. You are wrong if you think this way! Someday it may happen to you too, don't let this happen to teach you a lesson. Start praying for people who are suffering, who lost their lost ones or had an accident happen to them. Be thankful for what you have, but don't forget about those who are in need.
3. Don't get discouraged. If you are sitting being depressed it won't change a thing, we should believe that good is stronger than bad, that someday God will destroy all this chaos around us and than every single person will find peace and happiness. Stay positive, you can change and save lives! All you need is faith.
At this moment many people around the globe are suffering from violence, loneliness, or loss, we have already a chance to change the world, we have a chance to speak to people throw blogs and youtube. I thank God for those who do the great job on youtube, spreading light and joy, this made a difference in my life, this means it works in many others' lives too. Please, guys, keep strong, don't let anyone or anything bring you down. I am talking about God right here, but if you don't believe in God, but you just hate what's going on in this world, these words are also for you. I love you all, who want to make this world a better place to live. Thank you soo much,
Always your friend, Anya

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