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My little trip to Finland

As I was telling before the most important thing in trying to getting peace in life is to actually getting to know yourself. The best way to know yourself is to actually spend some quality time alone, which can be pretty hard in our busy lives, with all things we have to do.
I got a chance to go to Finland for one day and actually was not so excited about that: am pretty busy with my work, I don't wanna leave my beloved ones even for a day, I just don't wanna wake up early.
But I also had a thought it could be that quality time with myself it is hard for me to have during my stay at home and so I went...
It was actually a really busy day, and I am writting this after days and days after the trip, as I didn't get even a minute to write some words for my blog while drinking some nice coffee in a quite little cafe...Oh well, must I say how sleepy I was to enjoy every second of that precious time? At the end of the day it turned out into a a fast shopping trip, which I totaly didn't expect it to be...
I must mention here that the day was really cold and grey, it made me feel even more sleepy and I was running around trying to find what I could actually buy there as it was only about 3 hours shopping (the bus was going to pick the tourists including myself at 15:30, while we go there at about 12:00).

I managed to take a picture of this place while running to the bus, I didn't notice that it was a cemetery until I actually saw a cross, but there is obviously something peaceful and sad about this one, and I can't ignore this in my story. I felt like there is something strange in having a cemetery near shopping malls, from the other side, why not? This is a sign of memory, I guess...

I thought I would get to take some more pics as I walk in the center of Laapenranta (city on the shore of the lake of Saimaa in South-Eastern Finland).

So, well, the I don't need to say I was a little disappointed and I don't need to say I wanted to get back home as fast as possible. But...When the bus came to the place where we supposed to meet it, it was full of smoke, and it was pretty obvious we couldn't drive until we (tourists) got another bus, coming from our sweet Saint-Petersburg to pick us up. Oh, boy!!! Imagine like 5-6 hours sitting in the hall of the store called Laplandia not so far away from the border waiting for the bus! You can already figure out how much money any of us tourists spent that day in that place:) There was time to think and write but absolutely no will:) 
So I was just sitting there, went to have some soup, was walking around the store for like 5 times and so on. I didn't feel sad anymore, but calm as there was no way to change the situation. 
Finaly the bus came for us, we are saved! From what? From freezing outside as the store was just about closed when the bus came. 
While we were driving back I was absolutely exhausted, but I couldn't help watching the view outside listening to my favourite music. The view I adore most of all...Stars on the absolutely dark skies, in the scary yet beautiful night nature: sulhouettes of high trees, light of the moon reflecting from the lake...It was all so peaceful and graceful that I had tears falling from my eyes and heart full of thanks for this trip, for this 5 hours of waiting, because it all led me to looking at this wonderful scenery. 
I then fell asleep like a child adoring everything I had experienced...
I love going to Finland, there is something peacful in that country and I wish I could just enjoy it without time limits and homesickness. 
It's good to be alone sometimes...It's good to experience things alone, problems or beautiful moments, that makes you your own best friend. 
Love one another though, don't go too much into yourself, but give yourself time to be alone and to be with others. 
With much love,
Always your friend, 

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