четверг, 17 ноября 2011 г.

Feeling lonely? Help yourself!

There are many ways how you can actually help yourself while feeling lonely, but first you gotta find the inner reasons of you feeling certain way.
1. We can feel lonely when we are always surrounded by people (family, friends, co-workers);
2. We can feel lonely when we are not accepted by people around us, they don't understand us and don't support us.
- We feel this way because we are different, we have different thoughts and ideas;
- We are not accepted because we are careless to others;
- We are accepted by everyone accept by ourselves: if the person doesn't accept himself, has a lack of confidence, it may seem to him he is not accepted by others.
Try to ask yourself simple questions:
Why am I feeling lonely right now? Because I'm used to be around people or because I can't be with people, as they don't accept,don't understand, don't love me?
Answering to this questions and maybe watching this video might help you out a bit, but there is a still long way ahead of you. It's sometimes good to stay alone and think about your life, try to listen to your own inner voice, but don't let loneliness brake you. I believe that happiness is within us, we just need to search for it,
Much love,
your Anya

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