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Premenstrual syndrome, how to deal with it

Hey, everyone, as I promised writting a blog about premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. I thought it would be so very important to cover this topic as I am dealing with this pretty much all my life. My periods started when I was about 14, and it first lasted me for about a week. I have always been pretty sensitive person, but about one week before my periods start I am going insane, I can't stop crying, and I am just overly sensitive about some people words or actions. I have never been wondering about how to deal with this until I realized where the problem was, and the problem was actually in my body, besides my type of character.

So, PMS is a collection of physical and emotional symptoms related to a woman's menstrual cycle.

More than 200 different symptoms have been associated with PMS, but the three most prominent symptoms are irritability, tension, and dysphoria (unhappiness). Common emotional and non-specific symptoms include stress, anxiety, difficulty in falling asleep (insomnia), headache, fatigue, mood swings, increased emotional sensitivity, and changes in libido. Formal definitions absolutely require the presence of emotional symptoms as the chief complaint; the presence of exclusively physical symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle, such as bloating, abdominal cramps, constipation, swelling or tenderness in the breasts, cyclic acne, and joint or muscle pain.

So if every month from 2 to 10 days before your periods start you have these symptoms, it's PMS.

There is no doubt it has some influence on our life, not only we can't work or do things we normaly do as we usually do it, but it actually influences on our relationship with other people. We get angry and anxious pretty fast, and the worst thing is that those reasons that we have in our heads in that moment: why we got angry or sad, seem to be so real and strong, that we can't control ourselves. Only days after, when our periods are over we start to think: what made me so angry? It wasn't big deal at all...

 Yes, I understand that very well, and want to encourage each girl that will be reading this and has same kind of problems.

The best thing we can all do for ourselves is to actually have the date when our periods usually start in our head. When extra sensitivity suddenly occurs, first thing in our heads has to be: how long until my periods?:) I am serious, when that "date" is close try to remember that each emotion you are going to have these days is very likely to be over the top. It means that you better not make any "huge" steps before you go forward, otherwise you can actully fall. Why? Cos people often don't want to know and probably shouldn't know that you are having PMS. There is nothing wrong with that, but another fight and expression of your emotions can make you and people that are around you get far away from each other.

If you are dealing with this alone, you may also cry non-stop, thinking you're the unhappiest person in the world, noone loves you and you don't want to live (it happened to me...). Please keep in mind: it's going to be better soon, this is when your body starts to change and your brain will work a bit other way.

The causes of PMS are not fully understood, preliminary studies suggest that up to 40% of women with symptoms of PMS have a significant decline in their circulating serum levels of beta-endorphin, which actually increases relaxation; in one study of 71 women with PMS ,elevated levels of serum pseudocholinesterase were found. This enzyme is considered a possible marker for trait-anxiety.
Of course it's not right to blame it always on PMS, but knowing yourself, your own body and working on helping yourself is the right thing to do, I believe.
Before and during your periods try to avoid:
High caffeine intake, spicy food;
Stressful situations, try to avoid fights. If you feel a certain way, like you wanna yell at someone, you can actually go out and walk. Sustained walking sessions for a minimum period of thirty to sixty minutes a day, five days a week, with the correct walking posture reduces anxiety and depression.
Try to eat healthy and exercise. Low levels of certain vitamins and minerals, particularly magnesium, manganese, and vitamin E) and also Vitamins D and B6 can be the reason of PMS.
I hope this actually helps, if you have any questions, than please comment below. I could write a book, but not sure you'll read it all:)
Have a great day and smooth going PMS:)
Love you lots,

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