понедельник, 30 января 2012 г.

My trip to London

It's not like I travel a lot but when I do I feel like this is what I was created for. I feel like I am born again, like I am not wasting my life, that I am developing, growing, understanding and so on. I like to think over so many things while I travel. This is not that I make myself think, but thoughts are flowing in my mind like a river and I just can't stop this flow whether I want this or not.

Here I am in London, not telling you the actual reasons of my trip, I came here to see, to feel, to observe, understand and realize. My life is revolving around this line: constant self improvement. I have no idea how far I got to the point where I wanna be but I feel I am moving in the right direction.

When I travel I sometimes can feel lonely, but this is that kind of loneliness that makes us calm and happy, cos we realize it's supposed to make us stronger. Believe it or not, time, spent alone is more valuable than anything else as you learn to understand and know yourself better.

London kind of made me feel happy inside, and I could not understand the reason of it. For couple days I was just walking smiling and happy. I really do think that one smile goes a long way. I suddenly realized: if we face problems with a smile it all gets better. Sadness won't help in any situation.
The last days were sad though...At first it was like an eye-opening and after it changed into some melancholy which was not possible to fight against. Sometimes you just need to let it flow, like let yourself cry if you need to or let yourself laugh if you need to.

What I came to realize that noone in the world will ever understand you better than you can understand yourself. You have this potential to get stronger, wiser and happier, noone can take away from you.
With all my heart I hope these words come to someone's heart. For those who read this: I care about you, every time I am alone, walking, flying, laying I think what I can write on my blog to help someone, am I doing something useful or noone is going to be interested, does this have a potential to change something? Maybe someone who feels the same way? Someone who feels sad, lonely, empty and broken inside...I am with you, this blog is for you, and I will keep blogging even if it's only for one person.
Lots of love to every single one who needed these words today,

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  1. As Mark Twain once famously said "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” .. in that sense your travel is helping u achieve your goal of constant self improvement.

    As far as Loneliness goes I guess you have summed it up very accurately "time, spent alone is more valuable than anything else as you learn to understand and know yourself better"

    I am new to your blog . i like the way you write and also the reason for your writing .. Keep UP The Good Work !!

    Cheers !!!