четверг, 9 февраля 2012 г.

When you miss someone

I had to say goodbye thousand times in my life, and usually, more I said bye, harder it became. Tears always started falling from my eyes and I just wanted to stop the time, go back to past and change at least something to keep this from happening. Saying goodbye is hard, missing someone is way harder. It's like you were left with an empty part of your heart, and it hurts. Have you ever get your tooth out? How painful it is, it seems it's still there, but it hurts meaning it's no longer on it's place...I came to realize that no matter how hard you try to keep the distance, people take place in your heart and it's hard when they leave. You are looking for a way to fill their place in and after some time the pain goes away. What to do then? Not to let anyone in your heart? It's like saying: live without a tooth instead of one day pulling it out. The moment of pain is nothing in comparison with that joy to have a tooth:) Maybe after some time you realize you better not get close to people as you don't wanna get hurt, but being afraid of this not so long lasting pain you risk to lose the joy and happiness of being in each other's lives even for s short period of time. How much did you learn from each other, how many smiles did you have, how much love did you share? Would you say no to all of this in order to stay away from this deep pain of missing all of this some time after? Sometimes it seems I would, but now I  treasure the moments we had like the moments of deep happiness, so I have a strength to deal with this pain now. Treasure the moment!
And always remember, you SHINE in my heart:)
ur Anya

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