суббота, 7 июля 2012 г.

One smile can change the world

What a crazy thing people can do to you? Yeah, they can bring your confidence down, ruin your day, make you feel unworthy and unhappy! With just two words!!! I feel sad because of this, it always makes me sad. I guess what it does, it makes me worse sometimes, makes me say something back, something bad to bring them down to revenge, and I feel about it afterwards...What I feel is that we all miss a smile in our lives, a smile of some person we maybe don't know, a smile of a person who used to be far away from us, the smile of our loved ones...I miss that smile too, every day of my life. It is hard to be better, it is hard to give a smile without expecting it back and it's hard to keep smiling when someone is hurting you, yeah, hurting you!
Check this message from one of my fav girls on youtube, and bright up your day with a smile. People that inspire make a difference in the world, and what we should do is to try to inspire others as well. Maybe it won't work out tomorrow, but make it your goal, and live with it! I am sure it will bring more purpose to our living.

Love you very much,

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