воскресенье, 11 августа 2013 г.

My trip to Paris, France

I feel more that my trip slowly become a tridition for me to train my being alone. I went to Paris with my sister and her family, but they stayed at another hotel, so I had a great opportunity to rest, think and practice. I always say that spending time alone is one of the best way to get rid of fear of loneliness, and I had a chance to prove one more time. After these trips, time spent alone, I feel stronger and wiser, and it makes me feel happy inside.
Anyways, my photoalbum, which I made on my YouTube channel tells enough about my trip, but I'll just write few words as I always blog about my trips.
It was amazing to see Paris, the feel of it kind of still stays in my heart although already few weeks passed since I went there. What I tried to do was just enjoy the moment. Close my eyes and breath, imagining some history images, life that was before me, relax.
I didn't like Paris at first as it looked so much like Saint-Petersburg, the city where I was born and still live in. But after spending some time in this city of art and beauty, I realized, I would not compare, I would just enjoy. And I did, so after I fell in love with all this amazingness that was surrounding me.
Eiffel tower was something that I expected to be nothing special, but somehow when I saw it I was speechless. As I was there with my family, I didn't have any romance feel to this place, but I didn't miss it somehow, cos that place was complete by itself and it seemed like I was dreaming.
I happened to be reading "Les miserables" by Victor Hugo these days, being at the place where actually all this story happened in the mind of the author was just incredible. I was able to remember the names of the streets I read about, imagine the face of Jean Valjean:) 
Notre Dame de Paris has a feel of mistery to it, which I absolutely adore. I love this gothic architecture somehow. 
Anywas, I can speak about this forever, all I wanna say as a conclusion:
Step out of you comfort zone, explore new places, don't be afraid of walking alone (I spent the last evening just walking around le jardin des Tuileries, which was unforgetable experience), if you don't have much time, just enjoy the moment, sit in some beautiful place and indulge. 
With love,
p.s. check out my photo album on YouTube:

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