четверг, 8 августа 2013 г.


Hey, guys, being online as much as I am and also being quite successful in healing myself from neurosis, I thought I would create something useful as my plan to transformation.
When I talk about transformation, I mean transformation that comes from within.
If you have any struggles in life: depression, loneliness, constant fears, panic attacks and the list goes on, you can follow me on this series with a positive attitude.
I am pretty sure that anyone can change their life for the best, but what it requires is more than awareness and more than a willing, it requires opening your heart to knowledge, giving your best to remember and apply this knowledge on a daily basis, and I also believe in strength of personal talk you can have with yourself, that I would call a meditation here. This personal talk is the best thing you can do while spending time alone, what is also a part of my plan.
So we shall start with a few basic things, because making this complicated only would make it harder for us to change, although, noone said it is going to be easy.

I will weekly post a video on my youtube channel, covering personal transformation topics. I will also post the "highlights" here on my blog, with some motivational quotes, and a simple plan for a week. You can print it and follow along, or just remember one thing you liked the most and use it in your life.
What is the most important is being consistant with what we are going to do. Here you can recieve the knowledge and you can choose how you are going to use it.

I hope these series are going to be helpful and I am looking forward to your feedback,

Find your video here:

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