суббота, 24 августа 2013 г.

Awareness - first step to transformation!

When you first realize you don't feel comfortable in your life, you see there is nothing you can do about others or situations you are in, you are slowly starting being aware of your own mental disorder (do not get scared of this name, I am going to use it here cos it is easy:) Although sometimes I am seriously ready to say I have a mental disorder...So, once you are aware, there is something with you that can be changed and the only one who can change it is you, your transformation starts. 
Only you can help yourself feel better. All your reactions can be based on your believe systems that you created through years and years but what you can do is to change those of them that ruin your life and don't let you move on. 
But there is a rule #1 - to be sure there is something in you that needs to be changed and there is 
#2 - you need to want to change it! Once you get those, you solved all your problems by 50%. Be sure 100% this is the truth and don't doubt. There can be times in your life you will doubt yourself, that you can do it, if you can move on, etc. It is important to remind yourself every day you CAN do it, this is your NEW BELIEVE system, and it has to be stuck in your head. 
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