вторник, 30 сентября 2014 г.

Transforming a bad today into bright tomorrow

In the days like this one you expect that something amazing should happen. I twitted this morning something like: something great is gonna happend today! So what actually happened? Nothing! I promise you I woke up with a strong feeling of "lots of things have to be done today" and by noon I was absolutely exhausted and disappointed by my ability to overcome my own weaknesses. Does that happen to you? I am sure it does! But do not get discouraged. There are good and bad days in our lives and each one of them counts. As I wrote today every step matters. Today this step is my attempt to make a blog, I still didn't make a video though, but it's ok, I can do it any other day! What makes you depressed? Your own thoughts: I didn't do what I planned today, the day was useless, etc. But start to think it in a more positive manner: I didn't do it today, but I will do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day and I am gonna start it fresh! Let every positive thought fly across your brain, but don't block negative ones, just let them come and transform them into positive. Sounds easy, but not that easy to do... But the more you practice the better! Soon you'll find this actually works. I am blogging here now with a "bad" day behind my back, but there is no past in the present, there is only now and tomorrow, how I think about my past is my choice now, how I set myself for tomorrow is my choice now as well!

Let every positive thought fly across your brain, but don't block negative ones


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