понедельник, 20 октября 2014 г.

How to start "imperfect" morning

After laying in my bed for 15 good minutes I found myself absolutely exhausted and not wanting to get up. By the way, I bought a really comfy blanket in ikea not long ago, and it seems it has a plan to keep me in bed as long as possible:) 

The weather is still gloomy in Saint-Petersburg and, I guess, all I need this morning is a cup of coffee to just at least start to open my eyes. 

After making few excercise moves, I washed my face with one of my fav face wash alive and couldn't resist making a cup of coffee (the look of this cup makes me drink coffee every day, non-stop!). I also took one of my new favourites: Caramel&Sea Salt Butter Fudge. Perfect combo with coffee, I must admit!!! Here I am behind my computer, writing this blog and thinking how I am planning to take some pictures from this morning journey for you, guys. 

Something has to be your motivation, if for now it's a cup of coffee, so be it!

As imperfect as it is (in terms of health, etc.: I still didn't have my breakfast), this morning is no different from many other mornings in my life when I struggle to get myself out of bed and resist starting my day with coffee, just like many of, guys, probably. But, to my defence, I am happy I can share with you something that is so much "wrong" in order to let you, guys, know, you are not alone. 

Sometimes it's not easy to get up. Something has to be your motivation, if for now it's a cup of coffee, so be it. Just don't blame yourself, don't think your transformation stops here cos it doesn't. After this cup you still can go and grab some breakfast. 

Feeling guilty is the worst feeling you can offer to yourself and with this said, I'll put the very first rule on my board: LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT!


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