среда, 28 января 2015 г.

WTTD 28 - Do not judge

Currently I'm in a learning process. I'm trying to apply the knowledge I received in my daily life. This time it's more about not being judgemental to others and accepting them just as they are. I feel like this is a great challenge, that can be accomplished gradually. Changes you are aiming for do not happen over a day, but if you stay commited to it, it will make your relationships with other people much better, and it's connected with happiness more than anything else. 

Being judgemental is connected with expectations, if we have an image of another person which does not coincide with what the person really is, we put ourselves at risk of disappointment, therefore pain and anger. It ruins our relationships so much. Expectations automatically lead to disappointment.

Above all it's important not to judge yourself. Acceptance is the key. Work on self-acceptance starts from realizing that you're not perfect and it's ok. 

Every imperfection makes you that unique person you are, and you can always strive for better, not obsessing over it. 

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