пятница, 16 января 2015 г.

WTTD 9 - One positive thought away from happiness

Today is my ninth day of transformation, if I count it right:) And I was thinking a lot about positivity and how much it influences on our lives. As soon as we start thinking negative, the energy that we have in our mind and body to live gets low, things seem to change around us: nothing makes us happy anymore and we might as well fall into depression or anxiety. 

We let one single thought ruin our day, and never even think that basically we are only one positive thought away from happiness. All that we concentrate on is that negative that we create in our minds, because it's easier. Is it easier to live like that? Hell, no! 

It strengthens us when we try to rebuild our way of thinking, day by day practicing positivity. As soon as you start to think negative and feel like you become weaker: let your mind stop. Awareness is the key here, but if you are aware but do nothing with this knowledge, it's useless. There is no point in thinking a negative thought over and over again. It won't change the situation anyway! To one negative thought try to make up at least one positive thought. Talk to yourself. There is nothing wrong with it. It's going to be awesome when it starts working in your life. 

Thinking negative is a habbit that can be replaced by a habbit to think positive. 

Will you change in one night? Might be not, but why not try working on yourself and start getting at least small results already now? 


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