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Not mental health favorites

I guess, this would be a little weird if I put my beauty favorites on my channel since my channel is all about mental health. But I should never forget about the things that make me happy as a girl. For me it would definitely be make-up, scin care, etc. So in this post I'm going to share some of my last favorites with you, not so much connected with mental health in general, but connected with my happiness in some way.

First things first. This month I am in love with skin care, and I absolutely love this massage bar from LUSH. It is their new invention and it does moisturize and make your skin smell amazing. It does take time to absorb though, since it consists of essential oils. This particular one smells like rose jam, and it is so therapeutic for me to use after my workout, for example.  

Lush massage bar
L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil

Dry oils is a pretty cool invention. They do absorb faster then regular oils, and feel amazingly good on the skin. I did not want to buy an expensive one since it's my first time using dry on my face, but I'm absolutely in love with this one from L'Oreal. More than anything about it I love the sent. It's a great addition my skin care routine, and it's suitable for my oily skin as well, if we're talking about cold weather. 

And the last item would be sheer make-up "Baby Glow" from Guerlain. This gives me a pretty light coverage when I don't want to wear a bunch of make-up on my face, making my face glowing. A little bit too much for my oily skin though:( But I absolutely love the scent of this (surprise) and I'll absolutely make use of it, applying powder of it. 

Sheer make-up "Baby Glow" from Guerlain

Now, I guess, I am off to film my March mental health favorites:)

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