понедельник, 13 октября 2014 г.

We're going to get through any obstacles!

These days have been complicated for me as I've been struggling with many inner problems I can't solve. It leads me to depression that I can't control. Sometimes it may happen in anyone's life. And there should not be any particular reason for that: you just feel down and lost. Lost is a good word to describe what I feel right now. Sometimes you feel like ever decision you've made in your life was just wrong. And it just doesn't feel right to live...

What do I do? First of all I know that there is nothing in this world that can brake me as I've been through a lot and I know that no matter how I feel inside now, good stuff might happen any other day. Or I just wake one day and all of the sudden my perception of all my problems changes! Happened a lot! 

Second: I try to keep myself busy, occupied, doing something. When you are down, it is very hard, believe it or not, I know, but just make yourself go and actually do something! Even if you don't see a point, keep it simple, just do! 

I'm currently working on my project of happiness as I am now reading "Project Happiness" by Gretchen Rubin, very inspiring book, I must say. I'll see what's gonna work out of that! No matter what is going to happen: remember not to ever give up! I believe it myself, and this is probably the only thing I truly believe in, and I build my life based on that rule!

No matter what is going to happen: remember not to ever give up!


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