понедельник, 24 ноября 2014 г.

Happy ToDay: Finding Happiness Within

I guess one of the most important discoveries I've made in my search for happiness is just that happiness does not depend on anyone or anything. 

I guess it's all about how you feel inside and how you perceive situations going on around you. You can choose to play a blame game forever of course, but would it actually change anything? 

The secret is that no matter how hard you try to change things going on around you, the more exhausted and unhappy you become. It's not that you should never act or try to change something in your life to become a happier person, but it's just important to recognize that some things are just the way they are, they are not under your control, and you better be humble enough to accept that. 

It is also important to remember, that it's ok to be sad sometimes, not everything goes your way. Does that mean you're unhappy person? No, it just means you learn to deal with the situation, get stronger and keep going, staying same happy person as you always were inside. 

I don't regret any experience I've had so far, as each one of them made me the person I am today. Do I want to be somewhere else right now other than sitting in my room writing this blog? Sometimes, but from the other side I know I am here for a reason, and I am doing what I love the most - probably helping someone feel encouraged today. At least I like to believe so. 

As long as you have faith, hope, and love in your heart, you can make it through anything! I promise you!


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